Viviparous Wyvern

Commission for kz2101

And also an awesome description from kz2101

“He’s what I call a Viviparous Wyvern. They don’t lay eggs due to the the absolute lack of substantial caves or flat ground in the mountain tops. And because living on the ground would wipe out their species due to overpowering predators such as Mutilators, Shock Wyrms and Phenomium Walking Plants (a moving flower which draws creatures in with its wonder, then fires sharp tendrils at its prey with release digestive fluid once inside its body, and that’s not good for a dragon with a soft underbelly)
Viviparous Wyverns are semi-sentient, like dolphins, yet are killed relentlessly regardless. Humans and like creatures slaughter them for their beautiful and practical black horns, and colorful scales. Mountain Giants hunt them for their flavorful belly meat.
Most Viviparous Wyverns are red with stripes, however some mimic the green coloration of a Mountain Green, which looks anatomically identical but is highly poisonous. Unfortunately, the more informed hunter knows that Mountain Greens are not viviparous, and a quick glance at the center of the dragon’s belly will break the disguise. Some Giants will even kill the Wyvern by firing a spiteful arrow into the poor thing’s belly-button, as a mocking “I found it”.
Life is hard for a Vivi, but they survive. And get some revenge along the way, hehehe.”

Thank you for allowing me to paint this creature, it was so much fun!


kz2101_commission_charpainting_4 kz2101_commission_charpainting_1 kz2101_commission_charpainting_3

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